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Electricity Transmission over Trunk Optic Fibre

Evan Mudge and Nick Berriman

4 July 2024

Qubist Principal Evan Mudge and Senior Consultant Nick Berriman shares their thoughts on why how we could utilise data center infrastructure for new transmission lines in Australia.

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Early contractor involvement in the water industry

Iris Bienert and Jim Livas

3 October 2023

Iris and Jim explore unique challenges in the Water sector and why Early Contractor Involvement is an effective solution to tackle these challenges

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Risk premiums to build our way out of an economic recession

Michael Lesnie and Andrew Doherty

7 July 2020

Michael and Andrew explore which projects should be prioritised and why the decision for efficient risk allocations is even more pressing than normal.

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Reframing the energy infrastructure challenge

Evan Mudge

8 December 2023

Evan unpacks the challenges and opportunities facing the global energy market as we embark on a structural shift to renewable energy.

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Mitigating emerging risks in the construction industry

Johnny Lee

1 March 2023

Johnny in a post pandemic world explores the challenges with rising energy prices, inflation and interest rates as well as supply chain crunch.

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The role of FIDIC Contracts in major transmission projects

Michael Jennings

8 November 2023

Michael explores the pros and cons of FIDIC contracts within the context of complex electrical transmission projects.

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Target outturn cost

Michael Jennings

23 February 2023

Michael draws on his extensive European commercial experience to explore what makes Target Outturn Cost contracts so desirable, where can it go wrong and what is the way forward.

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